Liminal Space

Is there anything more symbolic of a liminal place than the gate of a cemetery? Whether simple, crude, ornate or elaborate, they mark the threshold of a most literal change for people.

Galisteo, NM old cemetery. Photo credit

Gostynin Landsmann cemetery gate at Montefiore Cemetery, NY.  Photo credit, Julian H. Preisler

Cemetery Gates

Old cemetery gate at Dinas-Mawddwy, Gwynedd, Wales. Photo credit: Karen Lee

Shiloh National Cemetery (Gates placed by War Department in 1911).


Frankfort Cemetery, KY


Old Clinton Cemetery gate in Georgia

Clinton Cemetery, Georgia. Photo credit

Greenwood cemetery entrance, Brooklyn, New York. Photo credit

Roxas Catholic city cemetery, Capiz, Phillipines.

The inimitable Highgate in London. Photo credit


Forest Hills cemetery, Utica, NY. Photo credit


In conclusion, after all these grand entrances, Taph thinks she’ll just slip out the back for now:

photo credit


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